It is not clear to me how to create a completely bilingual site in 4.5.

I need to have spanish and english versions of all pages. Has anyone implemented this in 4.5 yet?

And I can't locate the "Locale switcher" module, but that is something I definitely need to have working as well so that you can switch languages without logging in.



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Locale.module only deals with translating the Drupal interface, not the site's content. If you want a multi-lingual site, you need internationalization (i18n.module). It combines with locale.module, though I haven't tried out the 4.5 version.

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Drupal internally has ability to switch interface language, not content. But module 'internationalization' (see downloads page, or CVS, because this module not presented for 4.5 downloads yet) has such ability. With it you may maintain nodes on many languages and syncronize content of different languages, and also translate taxonomy, some of site variables and so on. Locale switcher of course present, also switching based on browser' ACCEPT_CHARSET. See module README.

If you want to create two sites, which will independent one from other, then you may just configure multisiting (with partially intersecting database probably) - and place sites to different directories, for example 'es' and 'en'. Then you may maintain both sites separately on different languages, but for example have common userbase for them.

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OK, I am beginning to see what would be involved to make our site bilingual. It looks like the installation of the modules requires me to go into to PHPadmin and then go into the query window and then click on Import to import the SQL definitions.

What would be useful to know is:

a) do you have to change your table structures BEFORE adding your content

b) are there any conflicts with the i18n module and other modules, such as ecommerce?

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i used the locale + i18n module on 4.4 for it
i used path alias to switch the content language with it

all links pointed to foo/bar
and drupal choose the correct version from the available versions

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Thanks for the comments... I am going to give a try to the new i18n module that Jose Reyero is developing:

I found a few bugs in that so I will post the fix shortly.

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