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Last updated: September 19, 2011 - 15:06

Release notes

Adaptivetheme 7.x-2.0 is out!

In short this new version brings in a slew of new features including mobile device support with media queries and configurable layouts for these devices, much improved back-end performance, improved UX and usability, we've made it easier and faster to complete routine theme building tasks to save us (and you) time and cost when building new themes.

We've also improved the accessibility features in the theme, better body class handling and more options for body classes. We have made some very minor adjustments to the markup - namely put a wrapper on breadcrumbs and moved the user picture inside the article and comment wrappers respectively, other than that we did not touch the markup.

The admin theme has had a major make over and now for the first time we have been able to work around Drupal's inherent bugs and you can actually use the admin theme for real! Amazing! And it looks great as well.

Of course the big feature in AT 7.x-2.0 is the layout engine with mobile device support - we really hope you like this, it took a hell of a lot of development and we're really quite chuffed with it - we'll be working hard on documentation this week and putting some other nice freebies out there, such as Footheme.

A few notable features that you just don't see on the surface:

1) IE stylesheet handling is vastly simplified and we have added html element IE classes to ease development for legacy versions of IE, see the help page:

2) Google fonts is baked into the system - all the functions actually exist in the base theme, if you can get your head around Pixture Reloaded theme settings you could easily leverage this yourself.

3) Gpanels are responsive also - there is proper handling for all Gpanels and stylesheets there for you to adjust the media queries and styles for these - we provide a solid foundation for using Gpanels.

4) Semi-automagic loading of all responsive stylesheets - we really need to do this to ensure the link element is always used so respond.js always parses the files to give media query support to legacy browsers. See your subthemes template.php page for more details.

5) Less logic in subtheme, more in the base theme - all the subtheme are vastly cleaner with much of the logic having been abstracted into helper functions and shuffled off to the base theme. This helps us lighten our overall code load and clean up the subthemes for easier long term maintenance.

Well, there's more but I'll work on putting it into documentation rather than banging on here for ever, lets get this baby out!

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