People often wonder what kind of hardware runs on. Throughout the project history this has been a tough question. For a while it was a server in a random office building. That server eventually died and required a fund-raising effort to replace (the funds were raised in 24 hours!).

The critical infrastructure is all configured to share the load and be redundant. For example, db1 and db2 are configured to be master-slave most of the time to provide for better performance and allow the slave to be promoted to master if the master fails.

Here is a relatively accurate list from September 2011.

2 Load balancers

These load balancers are shared among several projects at OSL. will soon get its own load balancers.

  • HP Proliant DL140 – (load balancer)
  • HP Proliant DL140 – (load balancer)

Varnish actually runs on each of the webservers.

5 active webservers

There are a total of 7 webservers, though 2 are currently out of rotation and 2 new ones are scheduled for deployment.

  • Dell Poweredge 1850 –
  • Sun Sunfire x2270 –
  • Dell Poweredge R610 –
  • Dell Poweredge R610 –
  • Dell Poweredge 1850 – www6-old / drupal2
  • Sun X4200 – (to be replaced)
  • Sun v20 – (RIP)

2 Apache Solr servers

Search on is powered by Apache Solr that is hosted on separate servers.

  • Supermicro Unknown Model – (solr)
  • Supermicro Unknown Model (solr)

2 media servers

These hold the files/ directories. They are relatively old machines and their primary tasks are being mount points for the webservers and synching files back and forth to each other.

2 Database servers for

These are the primary databases.

  • Dell Poweredge 1950 –
  • Sun X4200 –

2 Database servers for subsites

These databses are for the subsites like,, the Drupalcon sites.

  • Sun Sunfire X4170 –
  • Sun Sunfire X4170 –

1 "util" server

This server is used for random tasks and other parts of our infrastructure that aren't strictly about serving up web pages.

  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • Mailman
  • random shell scripts (some interact with mongodb)
  • Sun Sunfire X4170 –

External services:

One big bit of hosting is moved off the infrastructure: e-mail. The webservers and util route their outgoing mails through OSL mail relays.

Virtual machines

  • Testing infrastructure
  • Staging

These are provided by OSL.

What kind of growth does this support?

Take a look at nodes, comments, and users created per month in this spreadsheet.