Is it possible to use the blue menu bar that displays administrative functions for those users who have the "access administration pages (in system module)" permission as the default secondary links menu that would be populated with links to specific content (non-administrative) within the website? For aesthetic reasons, I wish to connect the secondary links menu to the primary links menu bar that populates the black strip below the site header rather than put the links into a block, whether in the left or right column or the content top region. (See my website:


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1. To display the secondary menus add following code in page.tpl.php file, before <!-- admin panel --> <?php if ($is_admin): ?> line. (Take a backup of page.tpl.php before modifying it.)

   <!-- secondary menu -->
     <?php if (isset($secondary_links)) : ?>
	 <?php echo theme('links', $secondary_links, array('class' => 'secondary-links clear-block', 'id' => 'rws-secondary-menu')) ?>
	     <?php endif; ?>
  <!-- / secondary menu -->

2. Create custom css file say 'local.css' and add following code in local.css file.

#rws-secondary-menu {
  background-color: #23749E;
  clear: both;
  margin: 0px;
  padding: 0px;

3. Add following code in file after style.css line .

stylesheets[all][] = local.css

4. Please clear cached data here- admin/settings/performance.
5. If you don't want the admin menus(blue bar) then you can delete the following code from page.tpl. php:

<!-- admin panel   -->
   <?php if ($is_admin): ?>
    <ul id="rws-uni-tabs" class="clear-block">
  <?php endif; ?>
  <!-- / admin panel -->


Deepika Chavan.

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Thank you for your fine assistance. All worked as desired and looks (IMHO) great. I would never have been able to figure out the interlocking relationships, especially to think of creating an additional CSS file. BTW, clearing the cache is a most important step; the entire process depends on it!

You may want to consider adding this feature to the next release of the theme. I have seen this type of secondary menu on so many sites that I think it would be a great addition. To tie the menu in with the rest of the header/logo region and distinguish it from the primary menu, I changed the background color to match the rest (#C82128). Feel free to take a look.

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