Upgraded from Metatags_Quick 1.9 to version 2.0.

Upgrade seemed to go smoothly. Loaded the new module. Ran update.php. Seemed ok.

However when the nodes are displayed now the previous filed and date is not longer being rendered into the HTML. The 1.9 field setting are:
Label Is: Meta Tags
Machine Name: field_meta_tags

Not certain if this is a bug or by design but we want the existing fields to be part of fields now managed by 2.0.

Have attached an image of the node configuration for reference.

Thank you!

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What meta tag was output by field_meta_tags? Looks like there are 2 fields that output the same meta.

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yes 2 fields that are targeted to the same result .
Old filed from 1.9 is Admin Created - field_meta_tags
New field from 2.0 module created - meta_keywords

I tried to resolve by:
1- deleting the new field as there is no content in "meta_keywords". was not successful in displaying the old meta content.
2- deleting all other new "meta_*" fields that were created in this content type. was not successful in displaying the old meta content.

FYI - in site.com/admin/config/search/metatags_quick/fields
I have added the old field "field_meta_tags".

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As a workaround, can you enter newly added field (meta_keywords), and in the field/widget settings, change 'Meta name' property to anything meaningless (like keywords2)? This should block empty meta_keywords, and output old field value.

As a permanent solution, I am going to add validation to the field adding form, to avoid duplicated fields outputting the same meta tag.

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Title: Upgraded from 1.9 to 2.0 (Duplicate Fields Now) B » Upgraded from 1.9 to 2.0 (Duplicate Fields Now) B (node)

I believe I have tried your work around with no succes.

First I must correct that the field noted above that I created at "site.com/admin/config/search/metatags_quick/fields" has nothing to do with this.
Apologies - I know know this is for URL Based Meta Tags.

The problem am experiencing is on NODE based Meta Tags.

Steps Done.

On "site.com/admin/structure/types" deleted "meta tags quick" field "field_meta_keywords" of type "meta", replaced with my own "field_meta_keywords" of type text. Result - No data from either field.

Looking for closer at the problem -- the current HTML being rendered is <meta name="meta_tags" content="text" />" which is not even a valid tag.


Option 1 - Change the current html markup for "field_meta_tags" name to <meta name="keywords" content="text" > -- Then Get the field to render.

Option 2 - Move all the data from "field_meta_tags" to "meta_keywords" and delete the "field_meta_tags" field. I had a look at the SQL tables for these 2 entaties and the structure is the same. However when I tried to manually insert a value in the "meta_keywords" table I was unable to view the data in the node/edit page.

Suggestions please.

Thank you!

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Multiple fixes were done in 7.x-2.1, do you still experience this problem?