Getting this notice: Notice: Undefined index: url in httprl_send_request() (line 491 of /sites/all/modules/httprl/httprl.module).

I have a script that goes through URLs 100 at a time and gets the page data. I guess something is happening when it is mapping the redirects.

I logged the variables to see what the values were in the failed cases. Here's an example if it helps (logged on line 491 above the if statement):
$info['redirect_url'][0] -
$values['url'] - undefined
$values['redirect_url'][0] -

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That's a strange error you encountered. Reason is I set the URL in the array. Code in question:

  // Check to see if any of the requests where a redirect.
  $redirects = array();
  foreach ($responses as $id => $result) {
    if (!empty($result->redirect_url)) {
      $redirects[] = array(
        'redirect_url' => array($result->redirect_url[0]),
        'redirect_code' => array($result->redirect_code[0]),
        'id' => $id,
        'url' => $result->url,

  // Put redirects into the correct request url.
  if (!empty($redirects)) {
    // Get nested redirect info.
    foreach ($redirects as $key => $info) {
      foreach ($redirects as $next_key => $values) {
        if ($info['redirect_url'][0] == $values['url']) { // ***line 491***
          $redirects[$key]['redirect_url'][] = $values['redirect_url'][0];
          $redirects[$key]['redirect_code'][] = $values['redirect_code'][0];

My only guess is that unsetting the $redirects in the loop is causing issues. Patch below addresses this theory. Please test and let me know.

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Thanks for the fast reply.

This patch doesn't seem to help though, as $values is set, just not the url value for some reason. I will try and put together a test set of urls that causes this problem when I get a chance.


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ok, I finally got to testing this, and here is a snippet that will give the error, also, it seems there is no response for the url in this case either.

$urls = array(
  '', // this website is set to redirect non-www to www. and it seems to cause a problem

foreach ($urls as $url) {
  httprl_request($url, array('blocking' => TRUE));

// process the requests
$request = httprl_send_request();

foreach ($request as $url => $response) {
  watchdog('httprl test', 'URL: '.$url, NULL);

After running this, I only get a response for the second URL, and there is notices in the log.

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Any update on this at all?

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I did some debugging, and the headers Host variable is not being updated to the redirect host, so I made the following change. Not sure if there is a problem with always overriding this variable, but works now for my tests.

if (empty($options['headers']['Host'])) { // line 165
  $options['headers']['Host'] = $uri['host'];

// to just
$options['headers']['Host'] = $uri['host']; // no check, just overwrite value.
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I actually use that code there; but thanks for pointing me in the right place. I've fixed the code, this patch has been committed.

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Great thanks mate, this module makes my project much more efficient. Keep up the good work.

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