Having defined an exposed filter for a Calendar view, I'm finding that if I page forward (or back) to a new month or week and then making a selection from the filter block, the view will default back to the current date.

This is very frustrating for users, as it means they have to page back to where they were in order to see the filtered results.

Is there a way to have the filter respect the current 'page' of the view?


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This would be great.

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I am unable to see any problem in the latest dev code. Get the latest dev code. Create a new calendar from a template. Then add the filter to it. If you can still produce a problem there I need steps to reproduce, like exactly what kind of field you are using for the exposed filter.

If the exposed filter is a date filter, this may not work because the calendar is using date textual filters, not regular filters, but there is not enough information to tell how to reproduce this.

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I'm having the exact same problem in my Calendar block (month display). I created the view from a template and added an exposed filter (taxonomy term -> field = term reference in my content type).

When i navigate a month back, and use the filter, the month jumps back to the current month.

I'm using the latest stable version 7.x-3.4 - and since the build date only differs one day, i can assume it applies to the latest dev version as well (?).

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I can confirm this behavior.

Drupal 7.15
Calendar 7.x-3.4
Date 7.x-2.6.
Views 7.x-3.3

Using month page view display with a taxonomy term exposed filter. Behaves the same not using or using ajax.

1) Use previous or next date pager to page forward or backward in time. URL includes query string '?month=2012-09'
2) Select taxonomy term and click apply, URL query string changes to '?field_tid=32'.
3) Calendar reverts to current month, probably following contextual filter config: WHEN THE FILTER VALUE IS NOT IN THE URL: provide default value == current date.

If you first use the exposed filter, then use date pager, it works as expected.
1) Select taxonomy term and click apply, URL query string changes to '?field_tid=32'.
2) Use previous or next date pager, URL query string '?field_tid=32&month=2012-09'

Thanks, Jason.

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Was anybody able to resolve this issue? Running into the same problem now.

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Confirmed... I tried faking it out by putting the $_SESSION['current_view']['date'] object into the contextual date argument, and it works *once* and then falls back to the not-remembering-the-current-date behaviour. So something is resetting something somewhere.

etc: I'm using an exposed select filter. So it's not just taxonomy. The pager URL format (clean/not-clean) doesn't make a difference. Month view seems to work fine for me; it's Upcoming I'm running into this on.

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Please disregard. The issue is in openscholar os_events feature, namely in os_events_preprocess_date_views_pager.
It doesn't check for view id, just overrides date views pager (for all views where it's used) in a very destructive way.

Same issue. Date pager kills exposed filter and vise versa.
— Select a value for the filter, click next day = no filter, next day displayed (week/month/whatever)
— Now again select a value for the filter = day changes back to default (today), filter applied.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Tested this in 7.x-3.5 and changing my exposed filter did not reset the date currently being viewed.

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I am still having this issue. My version is 7.x-3.5
Am I missing anything?

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Status: Closed (cannot reproduce) » Active


I am not sure what is best: reopen the issue or create a new one.
I just reopened this issue. Let me know if I should create a new issue.

I still have the same issue. I tested it on https://simplytest.me/

Calendar 7.x-3.5
Date 7.x-2.10
Views 7.x-3.16

Gist of my configuration
1. Event content type

  • Date field
  • Event type - term reference

2. View

  • Format: Calendar and Calendar Entities
  • Contextual Filter: Date Provide default value = current date
  • Filter: Event type (exposed)
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My issue was resolved.
I changed the Link format to 'Clean URL' in the views Page Settings -> Pager -> Use pager settings.
Another option is Views Filter Harmonizer.I did not explore this module in detail but this can be also be a solution.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)