[]=Open&priori... currently shows 4 outstanding critical issues against D7.

Would it be possible to tag specific issues blocking a stable release as D7 stable release blocker, so that we could try and get some helping hands on them? This is one of the top 50 projects, and the general lack of porting there is making D7 look scarier than it actually is. Might also help attract some additional hands to the project! :)


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Thanks for the nudge!

Just going through the 7.x issue queue, these are the ones I think are priority for D7 release

#1040748: Undefined index: und at contemplate_eval() node language issue
#1191688: Notice: Undefined index: links in contemplate_preprocess_node()

Stuff that I cannot reproduce that's waiting on more information, that may not even be an issue

#947834: Ubercart nodes causing crash
#1104822: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in contemplate_get_template()