I have Rubik theme installed on our admin side. Also have Menu Breadcrumb enabled.

Our admin breadcrumb on the Rubik side of the site is now duplicating the "My account" breadcrumb:

My account >> My account >> All Content

If I disable the Menu Breadcrumb module the duplicate disappears.

How can I hide the duplicate? I tried adding $breadcrumb = array_unique( $breadcrumb); to the breadcrumb function in Rubik's template.php but that is not working.




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I updated rubik's theme breadcrumb function to work around this for myself. Just replace the middle section of rubik_breadcrumb with (excluding php tags):

  // Add current page onto the end.
  if (!drupal_is_front_page()) {
    if(variable_get('menu_breadcrumb_append_node_title', 0) == 1) {
      $vars['breadcrumb'][] = '<strong>' . array_pop($vars['breadcrumb']) . '</strong>';
    } else {
      $item = menu_get_item();
      $end = end($vars['breadcrumb']);
      if ($end && strip_tags($end) !== $item['title']) {
        $vars['breadcrumb'][] = "<strong>". check_plain($item['title']) ."</strong>";

I just did this quickly, so haven't double checked, but hopefully it's a start to sorting it out for you. Also, this is drupal 7.