In readme exists HOWTO:

 1. Create your gallery content type or alter an existing one.
    2. Add an image/nodereference field to your content type.
    3. Go to the Manage Display page of your content type. On your image field in the 
       FORMAT column, choose "Galleria" as formatter in the select box. Next click on the button on 
       the right of the select box and choose your image style presets for the main image ("Zoomed $
       image style") and the preview thumbnails. If you downloaded additional themes for galleria you
       are further able to choose the theme you want to use here.
    4. Upload some images, add titles if you want and view the node. You should now be able see the images
       in the galleria display widget.

But, Galleria formatter is not appears for image field of node, why?


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Should Reference module ( be installed for Galleria works propertly?

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Title: Galleria is not appears as formatter in FORMAT column of Manage Display page. Why ? » Galleria does not appear in "Format" column of "Manage Display" page

If the module is enabled, it should show up as a formatter for all image and media fields. There's no need to install the references module.

I updated the README today which is not yet in the current dev build.
Please have a look at the updated installation and useage instructions in the new README.txt.

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Thank you, for readme.txt updating. I found my mistake: the error was in module "Entity cache" ( All works good after disabling it. Galleria appears as formatter
P.s: Sorry for the errors in the text, the English is not my mother tongue.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active

I have the same issue,Galleria format is not appearing.I also do not have the Entity cache module.Any suggestions?

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try to clear your cache. i also cleared apc cache, then the format appeared.