I like Rubik very much, and I just wanted to offer to help maintain the d7 branch of this theme.

I'm a pretty descent maintainer at least I like to think I am ;-)

I've also provided a couple of patches in the rubik issue queue to clean some of the views integrations.

I'm not much of a designer, but then again most of the widgets/elements/design-elements use in the rubik theme have already been developed so there not really much design work to be done.

Anyways, just offering my spare time to help with the project.

Also I'm pretty good with working on the issue queue so You don't have to worry about me committing code that didn't go through the proper issue queue workflow (active to RTBC)

Anyways, no pressure. Just let me know what you think.



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Title: Offer to Help » Offering to maintain Rubik
Issue tags: +co-maintainership

This project seems to be abandoned. You can make request for taking over this project.
Dealing with unsupported (abandoned) projects

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Hey all, I'd like to contribute my time to this awesome theme as well...please let me know how to join in. Rubik needs some TLC...

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This is great news. I think tao-rubik-cube are great assets to the Drupal community and would hate to see them lost due to lack of maintenance. I have limited time to offer, but would be happy to help with design.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

This looks like a pretty old request that was never followed up on. Rubik is actively maintained now. Patches are always welcome.