Great module! Been using this on my site for some time now. While my users love being able to use the JScalendar plugin to select the day of the event, the plugin does not make it easy to enter the minutes and hours. One feature that I really like on a variety of event calendar websites is using a popup calendar to select the day, and then typing in (or using a drop-down box) to enter the hours and minutes. By using the jscalendar widget for date and the selector/text widget for time, this would streamline usability in my opinion.

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yeah, this, too would be a great UI improvement. the time selection in the jsCalendar is so crazy, i had to turn it back off on my 5.x test site...

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I completely agree, but I hadn't thought of breaking it up into two parts for the date and the time. Ted Serbinski has been talking about using some jQuery coolness to improve the date UI and I hope to pick his brain about that at DrupalCon.

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Yes :-)

Here are my thoughts. I'd like to add a new widget type "jQuery calendar + time" (that way we can keep jsCalendar, a lot of people like it, me personally, not a fan of but with the power of widgets for input, we can have 'em both!).

I'd like it split up so date entry is separate from time entry. Having them in on form is prone to errors and is not a widely used practice--except for geeks and admins.

Two parts:

1. one date selection, using jQuery calendar -- the most ideal output of this is 3 separate select boxes -- year, month, day -- so use the select boxes or calendar popup.

2. time selection -- should be a 2 select boxes: hour/minute (with widget option to select 12h or 24h display), along with am/pm if 12hr display.

That is the most ideal, least error prone way :-)

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I should also note, going this route opens up the use of t() for translatable Month/Day names in the calendar. Very easy to add in because of the way Drupal 5 works and how this plugin works. Might need some modification to do separate month/day/year inputs.

Here's the code to generate a proper month/day/selector that accounts for things like 28 days in February and 30/31 in other months (with JS off, it just shows up to 31 days):

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One nice thing about the current jscalendar implementation is that is supports years outside the 1970-2038 range which is nice since we have a reasonable amount of interest in being able to input and store historical (pre-1970) dates. I have no idea what's involved to make that work, but it would be very nice if that could be added in.

Adding in additional select boxes for a separate hour, minute, and am/pm selector is pretty trivial, not hard at all. I only worry about trying to keep from cluttering things up too much.

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Here's a screenshot of this working, let's connect here at DrupalCon to make this an alternative widget.

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This is exactly what I am looking for! I also like the jscalendar, but find the time completely baffling for most users.

Has there been any progress on separating date and time?

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I'm looking for this too - and support for all day events.

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any progess on including ted's widget or other UI improvement?

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Status: Active » Fixed

I'm planning to try to add Ted's jquery calendar widget as an option in the 5.2 version of the date module (now in HEAD). If it works well, the jscalendar may be phased out. Ted's widget separates the date and time, so I think that will accomplish what is desired here. There's already another issue about getting that widget into the date module, so I'm marking this one fixed.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)