Firstly, thank you for a wonderful module! I was wondering whether it's the right module to do what I'm trying to achieve.

I have a view with two columns (two integer fields from two nodes). I need to count the difference between these two integers (whether the first one is bigger than the previous. And if so, for how much the value has changed. And I need to place the result below. Here's how it should look:

FieldA from Node1
FieldA from Node2

FieldA from Node1 is bigger N percent.

Can it be done with Views_Calc or maybe someone could point me in the right direction? Thanks!


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Thank you for this great module!

It would be great to add a function to calculate percentages between column figures.

E.g. opened emails as a percent of sent emails of a specific newsletter (all data is in the same row and is referenced to the same node)

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The D6 version is no longer supported.