Hi I installed the latest beta release and was able to create a chat as well as a chatroom. However the created chat room doesnot show any links on how to create a new chat. The chat works except for a problem that you have to refresh once for the scroll bars to appear. Also I could not find any blocks related to chat room or chat in the blocks page. Would be glad for some pointers and help regarding this.
I have installed the module following the instrcutions in the readme file and have copied the php file in the site root directory where index.php resides.


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Good question. What is or does Chatroom content type do?

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Adding a chatroom content type creates a blank page with commenting optional, but no links whatsoever to create a new chat

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It seems as though the functionality that provides a connection between a "chatroom" and a "chat" is not working properly at this time. There is no way to associate a chat or a series of similar chats with a chatroom. There is no option to create a chat inside of a chatroom, either.

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Unless I am missing something this is the case for me as well.

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I am also very confused and unsure if I am just stupidly missing something obvious, or if the the 'beta' status means that the core functionality is not yet complete.

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If you go to chatroom/add you'll be able to add a chatroom but from there I'm not sure.

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Version: 7.x-1.0-beta1 » 7.x-2.x-dev

7.x-1.x is not supported.

try 7.x-2.x. it requires nodejs module.

7.x-2.x supplies a field you can add to a node type.