My website in in 3 languages. When I try to add a room to the cart, it is only added if I do it from the original language node, "FR" in my case, but in the other languages I get always the error "The room is not available for this date", no matter the date I choose.

The 3 nodes of the same room have the same configuration: Room Code, Room type and room type settings.


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Does anybody have an idea why this is happening?

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Does anybody have idea, why this is happening? I am a little bit lost.

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Component: User interface » Code

After analyzing the code for a few hours, I think having found the problem. It's in the code. When room availability is checked, the script looks up the nid of the node "hotel_booking_get_available_rooms()".

This is wrong, because the script must check the availability of the default language node. In my case this would be:
$tnodes = translation_node_get_translations($node->tnid);
$tnid = array($tnodes['fr']->nid);

But there are surely other cases in the code of this module, where this is a problem.

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I have the same problem. Any idea ?

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same problem