I use display suite to re-arrange fields of product display node, but none of color, size (attributes) list box and "add to cart" button shown up.


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I'm actually using Display Suite with Drupal Commerce and the two play well together. What I've found, though, is that some options only become avaialble in DS once you select a layout from within the view mode you're attempting to update. So, for example, in my "Full Content" view mode, I selected the "Two Column" layout and only at that point do addional configuration options become available.

For reference, I'm using DS 7.x-1.3 and Commerce 7.x - 1.0.

Note: The Add to cart form is avaialble under the "Product" field. This "Product" field is a multiselect field that includes "Add to Cart, Title, SKU".

Hope that helps.

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It is hard to discover how to modify the add to cart and product attribute displays with DS and fieldgroups.

I've found that Line Item fields get managed through the Line Item Fields UI and DS and Fieldgroups work there.

I haven't found a way to use FieldGroups with the Product attribute fields.

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