Due to lack of documentation for this module I'm not sure if it's broken or I'm not looking in the right place but I cannot find the configuration page for this filter. I assume that I can use this to get ckeditor to work the way I want, but that is not clear either.


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Go to admin/config/content/formats (or Configuration --> Text Formats) and add a new text format or edit an existing one. (I prefer adding a new text format.)

The WYSIWYG Filter will be an available filter in the lists of filters to add to that format. Then configure that filter just like you would any other filter on a text format.

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Thanks! I think this is the nugget of info I was looking for. I think I can determine if this does what I need from there.

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There is work on improving the documentation here: #1968472: Improve configuration documentation (can't find the settings page)

So marking this as a duplicate.