Hi folks,

I am preparing to migrate my site from an old (v5.2) and heavily hacked version to phpNuke to Drupal 4.5.0.

I have a lot of content to move over: news items, several article sections with many articles in each, reviews and a large userbase.

I am very new to Drupal and I was hoping that a few of you more experienced users and admins might advise me on which modules I should install and how I might set things up in Drupal to more easily and seamlessly make use of Drupal as I had previously used phpNuke.

Are their Drupal equivalents for reviews and articles in sections?

The site in question is MacMerc.com. Please feel free to nose around and see how you would answer the question "How would I do this with Drupal?"

Thanks, I look forward to reading you suggestions and learning from your experience.