I've tried installing both the message module and message_example sub-module and upon doing so, it's caused my site to be unresponsive. I'm getting 500 server errors after the page load (of any page) times out. I tried increasing the memory limit, but that had no effect.

Any ideas? I'm using the latest 7.x-1.x-dev (via checkout from git).



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Have you tried the latest version? Message has changed a lot in the past year and a half. Marking this postponed due to the huge length of time since the report and the changes to Message.

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Same here, with latest version installed though. I did not know what caused the memory errors until I disabled message module in phpmyadmin. I was surprised to see that the errors had gone. Whenever I try to enable Message via the module screen or clear the cache, the page crashes.

Memory limit is 128M. However, to debug the error I set the limit to 3092M on a test server and was running into the same problem. I got no memory errors, but I could see in the process manager PHP consuming more and more resources. After about 1.5G of memory PHP crashed, no errors in log or something, just WSOD. I believe it may be caused by some kind of loop somewhere in the install script but I have no idea what exactly the cause is.

Someone else experiencing this?