This application just adds education experience and work experience one after another without a way to order it. The order should automatically put the latest or more recent 'to time' first or highest in the list. This is also important if someone finds a job and one year later wants to update the resume.

Also the 'to time' should give an option for 'present time' as a person might still be in a job.

The second education experience in the image should be on top for proper resume formatting.

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There absolutely needs to be a way to set the delta column in the field_data_field_resume_education table of the database. Because the standard is most recent experience first it will not be acceptable without it.

Any ideas?

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hi adam s,
this has been open for a while :)
have you had a look at ?

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Marking it as feature request.
I've used the field collections views module for a similar use case once and it works fine.

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Education and work xp field collection are sorted by date since the last release candidate (RC3). The implementation was done without field_collection_views in order to keep the output clean. Reordering is done in a preprocess function.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.