Good news everyone: 1000 great Drupal powered sites are listed at! A big thank you and congratulations everyone! Keep it coming!

With 16 months of life you can clearly see the Drupal sites evolving. They become more feature-rich, popular, attractive, professional, and smart. Almost 150 outstanding submissions have been promoted to the front page that represents the cream of the crop in Drupal design.


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Really good information

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hey this link is much more interesting than JOOMLA and WORLDPRESS.Thanks for the wonderful site.

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Wow, that's awesome - digg it :)

Sakari Turunen, PhotoReading Instructor From Finland

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Gracias por compartir sus comentarios. Felicitaciones por el Blog!

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I have one more reason to support my choice of drupal over joomla ... :)

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There's not even a comparison, Jooma can't hold a candle to Drupal. For anything I want feature rich I use Drupal, and Wordpress for the simple stuff. ~ Joe w/ DIY Fireplaces

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Yes Drupal is very feature rich and powerful, the only complaint I have with it is that it is not as SEO friendly as Wordpress. Even though it is better than many CMS's, Drupal can't beet Wordpress on SEO.

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Im happy to hear.
And im very glad to be a part of the drupal community

Salehoo Wholeslares Directory

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There are actually more then 3000 sites listed at the moment. So don't forget to add yours!

Drupal Sites Directory

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Yea I saw that it said over 3000 sites, that pretty incredible. Thinking about doing my site in drupal.


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I was also thinking of changing from oscomerce to Drupal as well.

old site.

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and done!

Great site, thanks for pointing it out!

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You'll get even another digg right away :)

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Will check drupal out in the next few weeks.
Sure looks a lot better then Joomla to me.


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Do not forget my site :D at my signature

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I'm pretty sure you have to submit your site yourself, but it seems straightforward enough :)

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i wonder how many sites are listed since March 2007? 1 million sites?


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its #8584 drupal websites are listed. Don't forget to look at category filter. Amazing figures there.

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