I'm trying to use Taxonomy Manager and my site is having the whole packet of Domain Access, but it seems to have some issues.

I can see with Devel module that the Update query is executing, but i guess it's passing the wrong parameters, so when i create terms with either both modules, it doesn't create the record at domain_taxonomy_access.

What i see is... Taxonomy Manager calls taxonomy_save_term, but it doesn't call domain_taxonomy_save_term or update term, anything.

I'm not a PHP coder, but i believe that when they call for taxonomy_save_term, the function for Domain Taxonomy for save, update or create term should be called too, or maybe it's called but the parameters are not passing correctly.

So, after i create a term with Taxonomy Manager, i have to goto Taxonomy admin and edit the term so Domain Taxonomy could create the records in the needed tables.

Is there any posibility to make this works?


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@lechinex could you confirm if your problem is related with and gets fixed by the solution in #8 (or patch in #13) of #522016: Inheriting domain settings for terms created programmatically using taxonomy_save_term() ?

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Hard to say my friend... i'm not using 7.x modules...