When used Colorbox trigger with a custom caption and browser have javascript disable the module generate links like this:


who leads to several 404 (one for each image/link).

I replace yoursite.tld and your_custom_caption (the values change).

This happen heaven if you use colorbox on other paths than root page, always pointing to /?....

Any way to do not generate a link at all or point to image?


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Title: Colorbox trigger output links with javascript disabled » Colorbox trigger output links fails badly with javascript disabled
Category: bug » task
Priority: Major » Normal

Thanks for reporting this. I will take a look how the trigger links can fail/fallback in a nicer manner.

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I have this problem as well (7.x-1.3). Since accessibility (including accessibility for users with JavaScript disabled) is mandatory on the sites I work on, it's a pretty serious obstacle to using the Colorbox trigger. This is only an issue for the Colorbox trigger when used in field views. For a normal Colorbox on a node display, it's just fine.

Edited to add: Just noticed I'm out of date on my version; I'll try upgrading and see if that resolves it.

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Any luck with the latest version @webbykat?