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SHA-1: 1847e3daaca1eb9661a1bbbdb3792954fcd16900
SHA-256: 4e64ce690e19d0c0fc72396ec3fc7f33dc4cf7d5ae4a3edb52257d0b21f9d66e
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SHA-256: 05d6be29c0b4594e1496b54c6f581b1c10a294ee1f92899b0caed1a4ad5cce52
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/hierarchical_select:^3.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: Wim Leers
Created on: 26 Aug 2011 at 10:57 UTC
Last updated: 3 Dec 2014 at 20:48 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Highlights of this release (which quickly followed alpha 3 and hence lists changes in alpha 3 as well):
- only one known remaining bug: #1242812: Previewing nodes deletes term reference values
- fixed major bug: multiple HS widgets on the same page could collide with each other
- save_lineage support
- create_new_item support
- upgrade path!
- HS Menu support
- fixed #required support
- fixed i18n support for HS Taxonomy
- fixed import & export

Make sure that you know if the part of Hierarchical Select's functionality that you want to use has been ported. Otherwise, you may be in for a frustrating upgrade experience.
See the included TODO.txt file for details. In a nutshell:
- Taxonomy support is almost complete, only "entity count" and token support are missing
- Forum support has **not** yet been ported (but relies on Taxonomy, so this is trivial)
- Taxonomy Views support has **not** yet been ported

This new version contains major patches sponsored by Bancard Data Service and PingV Creative!

Changes since 7.x-3.0-alpha3:

  • Fixed #1255880: array_flip() error when adding a Taxonomy term
  • #1087620: Port the ability to add new term through Hierarchical Select to Drupal 7
  • #1256432: Port HS support for Menu to Drupal 7
  • Fixed #1256414: Hierarchial Select Status Report: Module weight incorrectly configured!
  • Fixed #1256312: Developer mode: when $element['#config']['params'] contains errors, the errors are not displayed
  • Fixed #1256308: When #value is set, an incorrect HSID may be generated
  • Fixed #1256276: Remove jQuery UI effects .js files that are still included with HS
  • Fixed #1256196: PHP notice when a param in $config['params'] contains an array

Changes since 7.x-3.0-alpha2 (25+ commits):

  • Update README to reflect PingV's latest sponsorship effort.
  • Fixed #1127022: admin/config/content/hierarchical_select/configs generates incorrect links (should use get_entity_info())
  • Fixed #1255580: Provide proper upgrade path for Hierarchical Select, Taxonomy support and document this
  • Fixed a minor bug in commit e2b1c3c5, for #1068366.
  • Update TODO.txt to reflect the status of the current code base for Drupal 7.
  • Fixed #1176952: Config options in features UI have HTML escaped
  • Fixed #1197338 by ian.patterson: PHP Strict Warning in _hierarchical_select_hierarchy_enforce_deepest() on PHP 5.3
  • Fixed #1197338: PHP Strict Warning in _hierarchical_select_hierarchy_enforce_deepest() on PHP 5.3
  • Patch 3 for #1068354: HS Taxonomy widgets are always optional, #required is ignored: leverage Field API
  • Patch 2 for #1068354: HS Taxonomy widgets are always optional, #required is ignored: leverage Field API
  • Patch 1 for #1068354 by Peter Bex: HS Taxonomy widgets are always optional, #required is ignored: leverage Field API
  • Minor follow-up patch for #1068070: I forgot to update the code in one spot.
  • Follow-up patches for #1216214 by fietserwin & pfrenssen: D7 i18n Taxonomy compatibility
  • Fixed #1254104: HS Taxonomy widgets are always optional, #required is ignored
  • Follow-up patch for #1068366: Port "save lineage" functionality to D7 + support for multiple parents taxonomies (multiple parents support had been forgotten in the previous patch)
  • Fixed #1068070: When multiple HS widgets exist on the same page, and #process order != displayed order: Drupal's JS setting handling breaks HS
  • Implemented #1068366: Port "save lineage" support to D7. Sponsored by Bancard Data Service.
  • List official issue for tracking HS Taxonomy entity_count support in D7.
  • Fixed #1206766: README text not yet updated for D7 port
  • List official issue for tracking Views support in D7
  • Fixed #1082492 by Owen Barton: Form select can end up disabled in Firefox
  • Fixed #1216214 by fietserwin: D7 i18n Taxonomy compatibility
  • Follow-up fix for #1115498 by fietserwin.
  • Fixed #1198362 by fearlsgroove: Use widget label and description for HS Taxonomy field widget
  • Fixed #1136370 by fietserwin: Notice: Undefined index: exclude_tid in hs_taxonomy_hierarchical_select_children()
  • Fixed #1227518: PHP notices while uninstalling HS Taxonomy Views
  • Fixed #1230972: Export & import is broken


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