When I create a new node and give it a menu item at the same time on the node-editing page (under Menu Settings) and Submit, I get two messages: one telling me the menu item has been created and one telling me the node has been created.

When I edit that same node and submit, I get two messages: again one for the menu item and one for the node.

However, when I edit the node and delete the menu item (via the node-editing page by ticking the "Check to delete this menu item" box), I only get one message telling me the node has been updated.

Apart from being inconsistent, I then had to go check to see if the menu item really had been deleted. It had. But I think the user should get a message saying the menu item has been deleted.

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Deleting menu items is done through two different functions; the second is node_form_delete and sends no messages.

This patch adds such a message (including watchdog notice). Unfortunately it also adds a database query (since we only get the node object at this point), but it's not such a common case that this would impact performance.

However, I'm not sure if this is critical enough to merit a fix in 5.x... ?

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I think this should be fixed in 6.x first, then backported.

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Does this still need to be fixed in D6?