could you make a little test please?
After having put the active chat and the active chatroom blocks to the left sidebar, these blocks don't appear.
Can you confirm that for you this feature works without problems?
It is very important to show which chats are active.
Let me know if this is only a strange problem of mine.


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grrr quite angry!
it is seems a duplicate of:
but it was fixed, instead I can't see block working.
The "help desk" block instead work, but I don't use helpdesk.
have you changed something in the dev version?

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Category: support » bug
Priority: Normal » Major
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same issue there,
my active chats block disappeared after a module update and i didn't find any way to get it back, actual version is 6.x-2.18, with a drupal 6.22 installation.

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I just installed Chat Room for D6 yesterday (latest version of both) and I can confirm that the blocks are not appearing at all.

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I could make it working by changing the following line in chatroom.module file:

767 : $block_name = $delta === 0 ? 'chats' : ($delta === 1 ? 'chatrooms' : $delta);

to this

767 : $block_name = $delta == 0 ? 'chats' : ($delta == 1 ? 'chatrooms' : $delta);

Sorry for no providing a valid patch file but I'm not using svn or git.

Hope it helps!

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Confirming that this fix works for me.