I have a poll where users are voting on websites for an award. Obviously, it would be nice to put a link to the website in question for each choice of the poll field. However, any HTML in the text of a choice is rendered as text, not as HTML.

Is there a way around this that I'm not seeing? Or is there a way to modify the code for this module to allow this?

It would seem as if situations like this might occur for others as well.


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To do this yourself, you can remove check_plain() in the module. For instance, line 911 displays the choices to a new voter:

              $list[$delta] = $choice['choice'];

I'm not sure but this might be opening the site up to a XSS attack? Maybe someone else will know a better way. I want to display images next to the choices, even better if there was some way to use node relationships for voting on other nodes...

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I would think the appropriate way to do this would be to allow filters to be used on the text for the choice. For example, if I could choose Limited HTML or even Full HTML, this would be no problem.