I'm excited about using this module - so thank you for creating it.

I believe there are three problems when an additional choice is added beyond the default of two.
1. When the user does not have admin poll permission, there correctly is no starting vote count field on those two. But that field displayed when a choice is added.
2. My content is structured for OG. When attempting to save the poll, the currently-active group is not recognized (I've set OG up to require at least one audience). Also, even though OG has been set up to not display audience check-boxes, audience check-boxes do then appear. I should mention that I do not have any of these issues with other CCK fields used with OG content.
3. When saving the content, a page with text appears (see attached image).

Once again, thanks for this module and your help on this.

poll_bug.png26.88 KBRJL-dupe
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