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Below are a list of known issues/hurdles users may face with setting up taxonomy display on their site(s) and how to overcome them. If you encounter an issue that is not listed here, that you think should be, please submit a support request to the taxonomy display issue queue.

Module conflicts

If you use a module like Panels or Views that allows overwriting taxonomy term pages to provide custom output, you will need to disable those overwriting pages or views (or change their paths) so that they do not conflict with taxonomy display. This does not mean that the modules are not compatible, it just means that you should not use those specific overriding pages.

Some modules will conflict inherently because they do not conditionally hijack the menu item that taxonomy display relies upon but instead always overwrite it. This means that taxonomy display will not peacefully run side by side with these modules until they are patched to implement the hooks and plugins taxonomy display exposes. If you know of a module that prevents taxonomy display from working or taxonomy display prevents another module from working please report it so that an attempt may be made to resolve the problem.

The technical reason for module conflicts

Taxonomy display relies upon hijacking the taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term menu item. This causes an inherent conflict with any other module that does so. To ease the pain of this issue we make every effort to expose every element of the page callback to being overwrite-able by other modules through hooks and plugins, thereby eliminating the need for modules to hijack the taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term menu item. If you are a module developer and you need additional hooks or plugins please submit a request and we will make every attempt to add support to the module in a timely manner.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.