Dynamic resizing of regions does not work as soon as the debug blocks are enabled, EVEN IF the blocks are toggled off / not visible. This is very confusing.

How to reproduce:

  1. Content region is set as primary with a block inside; the two sidebars are empty. The theme correctly scales up the region dynamically to cover the whole zone-width.
  2. Now set these configs:
    on: debugging->Enable the debugging (placeholder) blocks for the selected roles
    off: debugging->Show the debugging blocks by default.
  3. The whole layout now changes: the content region is shown statically, only in its own region. This happens even if the debug block display is still toggled off.

If the debug-blocks are enabled by default to show the toggle feature (I believe this is the case) then dynamic regions are prevented BY DEFAULT, which is greatly confusing -- especially to a new user of this theme.

You really don't want to change the horizontal layout until the debug blocks are visible.

When the debug blocks are visible, there should really be two modes:

1) mode #1: debug blocks enabled + visible: regions are not dynamic (content appears ONLY in the region it was assigned to). This is the current behavior, and there clearly are debug test cases for this.
2) mode #2: debug blocks enabled + visible: regions remain dynamic (horizontal layout does not change). This is not possible right now; however there is a debug test case for this: you simply want to see the available regions without changing your layout.

3) debug blocks enabled + not-visible: regions behavior should NOT change at all. That is not the case today, and I think that is a bug. I can't think of a single debug use case where you would want this behavior.

4) debug blocks disabled: regions behavior should not change at all.


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Title: debug use case: dynamic layout should work when debug-blocks are enabled » dynamic layout should work when debug-blocks are enabled
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Category: bug » feature

Yes, I agree, but thats actually still a feature request anyways. :)

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OMG, I just spent an hour trying different settings thinking I was being a dummy and missing something somewhere before finding this post, LOL!!!
I disabled the blocks and, voila, dynamic layout now works!
Yeah, this really needs to be fixed so newbies, like me, stop pulling out their hair needlessly...

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Priority: Major » Normal

Clearing the major priority, Feature requests are hardly ever major :)

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