I was planning on putting a not-for-profit no kill animal shelter into Drupal. One of the issues is a massive amount of data in several related tables. Tables such as cats, breeds, coloring, health issues. Their database is reasonably normalized.

I'm not changing this, their db is well designed. I wouldn't even know where to start and to be honest why reinvent their wheel.

So I get Drupal 6 installed. Whoot. I get the adoptable cats listed with breeds and everything first try with Views. Slick!

I almost immediately decided that before we actually go live we should move to Drupal 7 (latest and greatest) as the user interface looked much better. So I uninstall (really nothing there yet - that way a nice clean starting point) and install Drupal 7 with Views3. I get the modules added and imported all my necessary tables using phpmyadmin.

??? I try to create a view and am stumped from click #2 - where do I pick my tables?. i googled for information, I searched here. I did find one place that said there were other modules that add "types" to views. Of course they didn't say what these might be called.

so help! I'm several thousand lines of data to output in several specific ways. Do I need to go backward in versions (either Drupal or Views?) or did I do a truly Homer Simpson and totally miss something.

Thanks so much.


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What is "click #2".

From admin/structure/views click "Add new view"

On next page to the right of "show" is a drop down that corresponds to the radio select in views 2, I think that is what you are looking for.

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I'm sorry I suspect I was confusing. Click 2 was nothing.

I checked show and it just had this:

Calendar Items
Panel fields

I need to pull in content from tables called tblcats and tblbreeds and tblhealthissues. I don't think the above has anything to do with our tables.

I guess simply put it's this: I need a view where I can get information from a table called tblcats joined on tblbreeds and tblhealthissues.


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If you look at views/modules/node.views.inc you will see

  $data['node']['table']['group']  = t('Content');

  // Advertise this table as a possible base table
  $data['node']['table']['base'] = array(
    'field' => 'nid',
    'title' => t('Content'),
    'weight' => -10,
    'access query tag' => 'node_access',
    'defaults' => array(
      'field' => 'title',

This defines the group and base table, this also existing for Drupal 6/views 2 so it seems if you have code working for views 2 you should be closer than it sounds for views 3

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