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Addnode is a widget which allows users to create nodes, rather than select them from a list.


Development was aided by help and moral support from:

merlinofchaos, fago, eaton, jacobredding, emspace, eric_, webchick and others.

The project is funded by obslogic

Creating the form


The main idea is that the function retrieves the form arrays for the various types that node-reference can reference (by calling the _retrieve_subform_function below).

These subforms are then added to the main form, in a 'branch' of the tree (to avoid conflicts with the items already in the array).

Fixed Problems

  • Concerned names still conflict on page.
  • Originally just regexp and shoved in html into form to add the subforms (this didn't work - not surprising :)
  • Form returned appears to just be the basic node creation form and not the whole form. This seems to be because static $forms in the drupal_retrieve_form function is already populated. Hence it thinks it doesn't need to make the form maybe???? Need to know how to get around this: I needed to call "function drupal_prepare_form($form_id, &$form)" to finish the form off.
  • Unexpectedly $op=='form' in the call to the function! This breaks stuff
  • Something breaks in submission - probably in validation? (but it silently fails...)
  • It is displayed in the configuration window. Why is $op == 'form' even called in the config window?!?
  • Submitted form was handled by the subform handler! Fixed by replacing drupal_prepare_form with home-made code.
  • Added node needs selecting from the list once it's made
  • Need to test multiple addnodes work on the same form

The _retrieve_subform function

Creates a node and retrieves the subform using it.

function _retrieve_subform($type)
  global $user;
  $node = array(
    'uid' => $user->uid,
    'name' => $user->name,
    'type' => $type,

  $args = array(
  $form = call_user_func_array('drupal_retrieve_form', $args);
  return $form;

Step by Step

Below I've gone through the addnode_widget function, cutting just the most relevant code, to try to explain its function...

If $op = 'form'... Then we need to generate and return a form array, describing how to build the widget:

First we get a list of potentially selected items: (put it in $options)

        $options = _nodereference_potential_references($field, true);

        foreach ($options as $key => $value) {
          $options[$key] = _nodereference_item($field, $value);

We also get the list of types we can select (or create!): (put it in $type_list)

        foreach ($field['referenceable_types'] as $ref_type)
          if ($ref_type)
            $type_list[] = $ref_type;

Next a load of prefix and suffix stuff is made to surround our select list.

        $createmsg=_create_new_message($type_count, $fieldname, $typedesc, $type_list);
        $prefix = "";
        $prefix.= "<b>$title:</b>";
        $subsuffix.= "</table>";

We next create the form array:

        $form[$fieldname] = array('#tree' => TRUE);
        $form[$fieldname]['nids'] = array(
          '#type' => 'select',
          '#title' => '',//$title
          '#default_value' => $node_field['default nids'],
          '#multiple' => $field['multiple'],
          '#options' => $options,
          '#required' => $field['required'],
          '#description' => $field['widget']['description'],
          '#prefix' => $prefix,
          '#suffix' => $suffix,
          '#size' => 15,
          '#weight' => $field['weight'],
          '#attributes' => array(
            'style' => 'width:100%',
            'class' => "addnode_select",
            'id' => "$fieldname",

Now we need to add the subforms (of the items we could create).
The _add_subform function is called add the subform to the form.

        foreach ($type_list as $atype)
           $subform = _retrieve_subform($atype);
           //manipulate subform items and add to the main form
          _add_subform($form, $subform, $fieldname, $atype, $subprefix, $usesuffix, $weight);

The form has its standard submit method overridden:

        $form['#submit']['node_form_submit'] = array();
        $form['#submit']['addnode_subform_submit'] = array();

And that's it, for creating the form.


Current code: Currently hardwired for 'pots'.

function addnode_subform_submit($form_id, &$form_values)
  $node = array ('type' => 'pot');
  $vals = _form_values_flatten($form_values['field_test']['pot']);
  $errors = drupal_execute('pot_node_form',$vals,$node);

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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