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Droptica creates professional web application system based on Drupal. We also provide Drupal Training.
Droptica (previously Openbit and Advanteo) was founded in 2008.

Our customers: NATO, AllegroGroup, PAYU, Young Digital Planet

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Drupal Association member since 2011 (previously as Openbit)
Support on Polish IRC Drupal channel #drupal-pl


  • Drupal basics
  • Drupal for developers
  • Drupal themes
  • Drupal views
  • Drupal and Titanium Studio
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grzegorz.bartman, Project manager, Drupal developer, Co-founder

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Maciej Lukianski, Co-founder, Project Manager, Developer

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car3oon, Frontend Developer

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AgaPe, dev

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bandanaman, Drupal developer, UX designer

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sygnetica, developer

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akkonrad, Developer

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Adrian Liegmann

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