I'm using the views' galleria style to pull in images from various nodes. This works great using the latest dev versions of the related modules.

I have a bit of a feature request. I would really enjoy the ability to link the images to their respective nodes, but in it's current state this seems to be an impossibility. I would like it if there were a checkbox in the views setup somewhere that would just say something like "link image to node". I would obviously also like it if i could attach information from the nodes into the galleria, but that sounds like a harder task. If i could just allow users to get to it's respective nodes then this system would be feasible for me.

It's really a fantastic module, i hope i get to use it on this project.


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Title: Galleria Views + Description » Galleria Views Style + Node link
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Having the option to have the image link to the node is exactly what we need. This would allow us to use Galleria for node navigation, showing node images and then having the user's click link directly to the node for details and ecommerce attributes/processing.

Does anyone have code for doing this. If not, where in the drupal Galleria module would be the place to develop/put the code?

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Galleria seems to support a data-link attribute in img tags to provide a link, however 1) The galleria module uses drupal's core routines to generate img tags and 2) these routines provide support for only a static list of attributes (width, height etc)

It seems that the core routines for img tags would need to be overridden in the galleria module to make this work in a seamless way.

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I would love to have this feature.

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A poster on the views_slideshow_galleria has a fix for that module to do it: http://drupal.org/node/1681740 (patch in #1) - but that doesn't really help getting it in galleria module :(

It seems the module uses std. render functions to render image objects - and thus one should override http://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/modules!image!image.field.inc/function/... - if we wanted to go that route - and make it support longdesc and other galleria fields on img tags.

However, galleria can also support json objects - which is even recommended as a speed boost for major galleries: http://galleria.io/docs/references/optimize/#use-json-as-data


So perhaps the best way to make galleria views plugin support links, and other things, is to simply switch from using render and outputting img's - to outputting a json object, inside a < script > tag

What do you think?

I'm not sure, if that would just entail modifying galleria_container (or even make it selectable which theme to use).. ?

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