Hello, I'm sure this is simple, but I can not seem to find any way to do it.

What I'm trying to do is pass a field variable from one view, to a different view on a different page, and filter with it.

I'm thinking of passing the variable through the URL and getting it with views.(could not figure out how to grab it with views)

This is an example of the problem:

Page 1:has a view with a field called gallery let's say its value is"gallery1". I need to send this to the view on page 2. Get the variable (I'm guessing passing it through URL,)with a contextual filter as a raw value from URL. If you could provide an easier way to do this, or an example of sending and getting a variable through URL with the correct syntax, it would be a great help!


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I'm a bit confused by how you want these Views to work together. If you have a variable in one View, why can you not just access it again in the other View?
Can you give a more detailed description of what functionality you're trying to accomplish?