I work on a research database with very many but slowly-changing entries.

Because of the number, export is limited to 100 items. I have assumed that if somebody needs to export the following 100 items, they would page forward to the page with the 101st item and click the export (XLS) again.

The problem is that the pager is disregarded and only the first 100 items are always exported.

I've found the undocumented (!) Paged Feed submodule of this module and tried to use it, but it behaves the same way with respect to the functionality described above.

I mark this as a bug because it seems intuitive to expect exported items match (or start from, if item size differs) the pager location.

Is there any easy solution to this?


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I just had the same issue and googled across your post. Here's what worked for me.

Using the paged feed module and display type, I set "Use pager" to "yes" (full size or mini), then when making a request I set the page parameter to the page number.

For example,


I was a little surprised that other display types wouldn't let me do this, like Data Export or Feed, but maybe there's something obvious I'm missing

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Wow, you are right, @rhawkins, thanks for sharing.

I should make it clear that this works only for "Paged feed", not for "Feed". (Which might be all right, if it's properly documented.)

Could we ask the module maintainers to please make sure that the attribute "page" is included in the export links, so that this functionality works for the general user?

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I know this is old, but I've just stumbled into it and I'm trying to figure out how to modify the paged_feed module to fix the views feed icon and submit a patch, but after spending HOURS trying to trace this down, I simply can't find where in views the icon is generated.

any one figure it out?

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Title: Pager disregarded in export (feed as well as paged feed) » Pager disregarded in export icon link
Issue summary: View changes

let's fix the subject while we're at it. It works, but the icon views outputs doesn't add the page # to the query string.

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well, I've wasted a couple of hours tracing through this and I found where the theme function that needs the page number injected, but I simply cannot find where to grab the current page # from -- the 'current_page' variable in the $view object is empty.

I can't devote any more time to this, so I'll just hack it into the view tpl-- if anyone finds out how to get this fixed, I'll be happy to roll a proper patch.