Im utterly confused here. I have custom fonts, made websafe. I put them in a folder I call fonts/font_style

Option 1
I put the @font-face code in style.css and then call the font. It shows up in firebug but does not render on screen.

Option 2
Build a fonts.css file, put all the font-face code in it, called it using "link" in page.tpl.php and still, shows up in firebug and does not render.

I have gone as far as putting the direct links @font-face and quadruple checked to make sure everything checks out. It does, but I cannot get this to render no matter what I do. Checked permissions, and still nada.

How would I go calling custom font?
Please help.


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Please ignore.

Less than a minute after writing this, it worked.

Have no idea what was happening, not even a cache issue.