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In this section of the handbook you can show off your favorite tips, tricks, and techniques to make your site pretty with nothing but CSS. If your tip is theme-specific, be sure to specify to which theme it applies.

These are to be CSS-only tips, please do not include anything that also requires any coding in a page or in a module. There is a modules snippets section for those tips.

Feel free to add new tips or to enhance ones that are already posted. In fact, please try to reduce duplication as much as possible. We'd rather improve an existing page, then add another one.

PLEASE NOTE! The following tips are user-submitted. Apply them at your own risk! In general, CSS will not "break" your site, but it can cause unexpected formatting or lack of user control.

If you are developing a brand new theme, see the Theme developer's guide.

Javascript snippets can be found in the Javascript section.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.