In the «Toggle advanced elements» menu, you see the first field for hiding and showing Messages, Action links, Tabs, .... It does not say what state an checked option will be. hide/show? It's hiding. (I'm using the german translation: Ermöglicht das Verbergen oder Anzeigen bestimmter Seitenelemente. = Allows you to hide or display certain page elements.)
In the second group it says «Choose from the elements below to hide them via CSS» thats clear: check = hide

It's just an usability request, that can be done clearer.



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It's funny that you bring that up because this "Choose from the elements below to hide them via CSS" comes from Omega while "Allows you to hide or display certain page elements" is from Drupal core :P

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thomasvim, isn't it the opposite of what you state? If an element's box is checked, it will be shown. At least, that's how it's working on the sites I'm trying out Omega on. (FANTASTIC theme, by the way - it has pretty much everything I want in a starter theme. This option to hide elements and place them in blocks through Delta is absolutely awesome. I love being able to do that quickly and easily without mucking with the templates.)

I have run into an issue with the tabs block not being hidden from the user's page (/user), but I'll open a separate issue for that.

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@nmichaelschutz No, it's not clear. I have to assume something. And you have no control over the users assumption. The second part is clear: "..elements below to hide them ..". As fubhy mentioned, maybe it's good to be closer to the drupal's core setup?

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Nonono, you got me all wrong. The "Check the elements below to hide them" belongs to OMEGA, the description that you find confusing is copied 1:1 from Drupal Core. Look into "Toggle Display" -> That part belongs to Drupal Core and has the exact same string. So, once again: Clear phrase: Omega / Unclear phrase: Drupal Core.