Hi I'm just after some support, i may be doing this the wrong way.

I'm trying to display all levels of taxonomy within a node in the breadcrumb.

So the node has 'Car b' selected as it's term.

The taxonomy structure sits like this:
- Car 1
-- Car b

So the breadcrumb should look like this: Cars > Car 1 > Car b

The only token that has the needed terms in it is separated with "/".
"[termpath] As [term], but including its supercategories separated by /."

Easy enough solution in PHP:

return explode('/', [termpath]);

This just actually outputs 'Cars/Car 1/Car b'.

Any ideas on getting the correct title and path for all levels of taxonomy? I'm assuming I've gone the wrong direction completely and made this complicated.



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No ideas here? Any suggestions welcome.


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

The custom breadcrumbs taxonomy module (part of the cb 2.0 package) will automatically do taxonomy hierarchy. There is a setting that you can enable on the configuration page, and you also have specify the node types that this should apply to. You can also limit the vocabularies that are used (though this may only be in the latest dev version - need to check on that). Have you tried this ?