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This section contains overviews of different groups of Drupal distributions that install a similar type of website. These overviews can be very useful if you are evaluating distributions to meet a certain requirement and cannot distinguish the differences between them.

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Cause I am currently building an intranet-solution with D7 I found a lot of started projects (modules & distros) in this area, espeally CRM, Projectmanagment, Intranet, Media, Filebrowsers etc. and I guess better than 10 projects with +/- would be one, maybe 2-3 distro-projects which would work together or/and combine all the cool stuff you all are creating.

Unfortunately it looks often that a lot projects for modules/distros are creating similar stuff which is a waste of power & resources.

Therefore it would be good to know what´s coming up, plans and a better documentation before starting something.

Please also check for other distro-projects like e.g. for CRM & Projectmanagment -> "erpal" (, STORM etc. -> I could make a list based on my resources until DrupalCon munich.

One huge problem I see is that most projects are not documented at all and this is the reason why a lot people try to do similar stuff, often on their own, and the power of connection & unity for a faster & better solutions, gets lost here on

Hope to meet a lot of you in munich !!!

Till soon,

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a lot projects for modules/distros are creating similar stuff which is a waste of power & resources.

You make a good point, but also remember that the point of most distros is to satisfy a very specific use case. This involves vertically integrating a bunch of unrelated things together which can be tricky especially when lots of module dependencies are involved. Creating a distribution that depends on a Feature that depends on 10 modules means that you, as a distribution maintainer, have to keep track of both the compatibility of the original modules as well as ensure the Feature stays up to date, even if you aren't using the full functionality of the Feature. It may make sense for a distribution to "roll its own" feature if it ultimately makes the distribution easier to maintain over time or integrates in a much smoother & efficient way.

Agree with you that better documentation will help with collaboration!