not sure if it's bug or support
and even if it's pathauto issue.

I have similar issue as in #374404: Create alias only works in one language for D6.

I have "Pattern for all CV paths" (CV - is content type) as:

the content is in one language, either English, French or Russian

so for example when creating the node in English I get this URL:

when changing interface language I want to have URL with "fr/" prefix for French smth like:

but I get simply:

Before I wrote in issue: #424946: Keeping source language node path for translations but then I understand, that it's not my case, because my content is in only one language, I do change only interface language.


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If I put a language of node to "neutral" while "Multilingual support" of content type is "enabled" then it's ok,:

but when the language is chosen while content creation,
then after interface language change it becomes:

If I disable "Multilingual support" of content type, then after language change it doesn't work too:

So, how could I get it work when either "Multilingual support" is enabled and language is chosen or when "Multilingual support" is disabled.
And not just when "Multilingual support" of content type is "enabled" and language of node is "neutral".

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Not sure if it will work for you, but I tried this work-around that helped me get aliases for translated pages:

1) Do as you normally do to create the translated page and the alias on the content creation/edit pages setting the language to the language you want (not neutral).

2) Go to admin - configuration - search and metadata - URL aliases -- find your translated page in the list, click on edit to edit the path alias, and in the language drop down select 'All languages'. This appears to just apply to the path alias and not the content of the page itself. Since your path aliases for the translated pages are unique it might work using 'all languages' (it did for me).

Hope this helps.

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thank you, your workaround worked well:
content language is kept original and path works for both languages:

But I can do it only for static pages.
I do need this option also for user-generated content, not just for static pages that I create.

So still looking for solution for UGC.

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