Parent term hierarchy appears multiple times as a result. Instead of appending the Custom Breadcrumb to the core(?) breadcrumb, it should just replace it completely.

Remote Start » Keyless Entry » Products » Remote Start » Keyless Entry » Secure Keyless Entry
should be
Products » Remote Start » Keyless Entry » Secure Keyless Entry


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Testing Completed:
Turned off all Custom Breadcrumb settings & the prepended (core?) breadcrumb still appears (Remote Start » Keyless Entry)
Tried all variations of views options for the taxonomy view: "Set the breadcrumb for the term parents" & "Override Breadcrumb," but these didn't make any difference

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I'll need more information to try to reproduce this. Be sure you are testing with a core theme. Standard litany of questions:

1. How have you configured custom breadcrumbs (options enabled on admin/config/user-interface/custom-breadcrumbs)?
2. What custom breadcrumbs modules are involved? Are any other breadcrumb modules involved?
3. What custom breadcrumbs have you defined?
4. What kind of page are you defining a breadcrumb for (node/view/panel/taxonomy term page/custom module page/etc.)?
5. What have you put in for titles/paths/breadcrumb visibility/etc.
6. What do you expect the breadcrumb to be?
7. What are you actually seeing?