Currently, there are only two options for the colorbox; no meta information, or title AND description. I wold like a choice of just having the title available in the colorbox

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Has anyone figured out a simple way to do this? I am looking to have just the title of the image displayed over the image in colorbox without the empty pane beside it. Or at least is there a way to have the metadata column hide itself when empty?


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Same here.
It would also be nice to show additional field from the file entity showen in the gallery/colorbox

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Did any of you find a solution - so you could add a patch?

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Does anybody have an idea of how this can be solved? I'd like to show the title when an image is opened in the lightbox, but I don't want the description pane.


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+1 subscribing - another feature which would be great on this module

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Please find the patch for adding a title only option for colorbox. ( Media Gallery version - 7.x-1.0-beta8 )

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Status: Active » Needs review