still with the magazine :))
when you have done other things, if you think it is a good idea, i suggest three feature requests:

  • optional page break: in the magazine i would like to be able to break by sections, instead than by articles. for doing this, i have to do a view for each section but then i cant get the number right. maybe if we could say true or false by php (i am using views php module) or create a function that we can call to break the page, it could be solved.
  • starting page number variable: i mean that we could have a way for it not to be the 1.
  • join the pdfs: you gave us already the opportunity to append and include as a field a display, but, in my case, because the numbers, i would appreciate to be able to join views displays that are already made with your module in pdf. like that the problem with the number that i have it would be solved.

i hope that you understand that i am very grateful with you and i write these features requests for reporting, not demanding :)

thanks thanks for your module


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i was reading about tcpdf and practising with your module and methods.
two methods very interesting and i found the method="MaybeSkipPage" and "AddPage".
but AddPage doesnt work well with your module. for my experience, if you add it, sometimes the text written before or after disappears, but not the with space. its like, maybe, the calculation of the coordinates around that method get crazy. sorry because it is just what i need it.

also it is interesting to apply css to the pages with style="page-break-before: always" or style="page-break-after: always", but has the same effect on the module as before.

i have different kinds of sections: one, the most important with long articles and each article needs to start with a new page, and some sections that have little articles that must go one after the other.
because numeration, i need to do it all in one view.

maybe i am lucky and someone can give a tip to me for been able to go in holidays :)

and about joining/embeding pdf as a leading page or at the end, it would be nice to b able to put tokens or variables, so i can put the index of the magazine in the leading document. thanks and good holidays!!

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i found a way to make optional page brake with <tcpdf method="AddPage" />:
if you add a page in the field html, you need to put coordinate y=0 in the next field.
it looks like this method makes crazy the next field coordinate.

edit it was not true: <tcpdf method="AddPage" /> needs to be in a diferent line, like in print on php and not in the middle of a string. maybe the ; of ending the line helps...

edit 2 the solution before worked but added an extra line on top of the text. i found a better solution with <br pagebreak="true" />

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev

Feature requests moving to the current version of the module.

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Dear fellow Drupal enthusiasts,

I have set this issue to "Postponed (Maintainer needs more information)".

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And please read again, "Making an issue report".

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After there is new information, please re-open the issue by changing the status to active.

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This feature need evaluation. But sounds good.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Needs work
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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
Status: Needs work » Active
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