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MD5: bc9b352421ae5b947e493369da6cc11a
SHA-1: b129af86fd1d57d5f97c4aeb318badf37f532bf5
SHA-256: 39ec57bcfa9e5dc86ca1c7373f136fb54e35d768f34ecd1b4459af7480f51d59
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SHA-1: 18b33819db6325508298d9dbcbb620ffa999869f
SHA-256: 61668cbf6cb6d5db0c6e802978018f1bba3e6e908d5a0cd0892998bcaeed4ba8

Release info

Created by: longwave
Created on: July 30, 2011 - 13:07
Last updated: July 30, 2011 - 13:12
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since Ubercart 6.x-2.5 (not released, due to a bug discovered after tagging):

  • #552774 by Jody Lynn: Allow uc_paypal_ec_form form to be used programatically.
  • #1225582: uc_file_action_order_renew() uses undefined $user variable.
  • Remove references to 'manufacturer' product field which has been gone a long time.
  • #1014782: Use CSS instead of <strong> tag.
  • #1209084 by TR: array_key_exists(): The second argument should be either an array or an object in uc_catalog.module on line 888.
  • #615702: Don't set width: 100% on <div>s with borders.
  • #465536: Customer and product reports are unusable with large datasets.
  • #834676: Save only numeric shipping quote overrides.

New features since Ubercart 6.x-2.4:

  • API:
    • #751490 by killes: Add alter hook for UC messages.
    • #922230 by longwave and jm.federico: Modify uc_googleanalytics to support both the GA 2.x and GA 3.x
    • #809972 by ezra-g: Add HOP support to uc_cybersource.
    • #665836 by RSTaylor: Let payment gateways be set to store a reference number as a default action.
    • #897342 by tunic: Add 'presave' op to hook_order().
    • #744956 by joachim: Add 'checkout' op to demonstrate a difference between removing an item from the cart and emptying the cart during checkout.
    • #750664 by univate: Add API for product features.
    • #488422 by cha0s, univate, and Island Usurper: Clean up uc_attribute API and add tests for it.
    • #579786 by Island Usurper: Update Google Checkout Notification API to Serial Number Content. Requires setting the GCO Merchant Center to use Version 2.5 for the API.
    • #371788 by Island Usurper: Add analytics data to Google Checkout orders.
    • #985450 by TR: Switch to using USPS API RateV4 and IntlRateV2.
    • #964232 by arski, MegaChriz: Allow modules to alter checkout pane status and weight.
    • Add precision option to uc_store_format_price_field_value().
    • #601980: Add 'administer own product features' permission.
    • #880770 by longwave, wizonesolutions, webchick, ezra-g: Allow product classes to be defined in code and exported as Features.
    • #635070 by Amitaibu: Add hook_payment_gateway_alter().
    • #659424: Add hook_ca_predicate_alter().
    • Backport UcOrder object from D7, allowing other modules to extend the order schema.
    • Add currency code field to orders.
    • #1204338 by tinker: Add 'changed' column to shipments table.
    • #970744 by MegaChriz: Add hook_order_pane_alter().
  • Theme:
    • #932582 by longwave: Add CSS id to order panes.
    • #951444 by stella: Credit card icons have specific CSS classes.
    • Bump up default product-page image size to 250x250. 100x100 is way too small.
  • User UI:
    • #529110 by torgosPizza, SeanA, longwave, fenstrat, et. al.: Change 'Remove' checkbox on cart page to a button.
    • #881752 by longwave: Show a confirmation form when the 'empty cart' action is used in cart links.
    • #782960 by longwave: Translate country names.
  • Admin UI:
    • #899432 by drupalprojects: Allow admin to select default UPS package type.
    • #928988 by mpaler: Allow the billing address to be copied to the shipping address when editing orders.
    • #822050 by fterrier: Add admin option to show/hide credit card form on PayPal EC landing page.
    • #894760: Allow product translations to be synchronised when i18nsync module is installed.
    • #654764: Synchronise product class name and description with content type.
    • #617560: Add option to disallow anonymous checkouts from using an existing email address.
  • Misc:
    • #1193170 by TR: Make user tokens available to stock threshold e-mail.
    • #873398. Add views integration to uc_product_kit
    • Add hook_cron() implementation to automatically delete old shipping label images, with an admin-selectable lifetime for the images.
    • Add country data (CIF files) for all 248 countries in ISO 3166.
    • Add several SimpleTests.

Bug fixes since Ubercart 6.x-2.4:

  • Several PHP 5.3 compatibility and E_ALL notice fixes.
  • #749812 by longwave: Alter HTTP headers for downloading reports to allow IE to download over HTTPS
  • #899798 by EclipseGc: Allow form alters to add to 'panes' without requiring a pane callback.
  • #889304 by butler360: Use module_load_include('inc', 'pathauto') instead of _pathauto_include()
  • #908084 by arsunyiu: Store delivery_street2 response from express checkout
  • #815482 by GuyPaddock: Allow discounts on PayPal orders.
  • #685698 by Island Usurper: Don't accidentally delete product dimensions because of the IE workaround.
  • #881606 by JamesOakley: Receive IPNs addressed to associated email addresses, not just the main PayPal email address.
  • #654092 by GuyPaddock: Store cart ID in PayPal invoice so it can be emptied when the IPN is returned.
  • #933756 by Dave Kopecek: Remove comments at end of CSS file which cause CSS aggregation problems.
  • #903292 by dougp: Fix wildcards in customer search SQL queries.
  • #925904 by DavidReid and longwave: Fixes to token handling - Check token scope in hook_token_list() and correct PHP notices.
  • #686988 by tohojo and TR: Format store e-mail address according to RFC 2822 to prevent mailers from breaking when non-ASCII characters are used.
  • #945432 by Island Usurper: Only send order update notifications if the order came through Google Checkout.
  • #742084 by Island Usurper: Show alt and title data on product images, and not just their links.
  • #924716 by TR: Accomodate USPS API change for online rates.
  • #624670 by neilnz: Let hook_order('can_update') mean something when it returns FALSE.
  • #713020 by arski: Replace drupal_set_message() with form_set_error() for e-mail address on checkout page.
  • #947758 by cangeceiro: Run price through uc_price before sending to GA.
  • #968508 by Mixologic: Wrong function being called for international envelope service.
  • #994254 by longwave: Remove unused and incorrect uc_version() function.
  • #795676 by maximpodorov: Show the disabled clone when the Review button is clicked.
  • #975194 by longwave: Don't put emails in URLs as they may contain pluses.
  • #956104 by torgosPizza and Island Usurper: Show that Catalog vocabulary is not deleted when uc_catalog is uninstalled.
  • #975394 by kingandy: Use drupal_get_destination() to return user to checkout page after e-mail is edited or anonymous user logs in
  • #721412: Condition 'Order has a product with a particular attribute option' is broken.
  • #1016216: Editing an order destroys data in uc_order_quotes table.
  • #990744: uc_taxes does not respect hook_line_item_data_alter().
  • #1022868 by hanoii: Tax calculation modifies cached tax rates.
  • #948324: Don't build an expensive cache key if it will never be used.
  • #357479: hook_add_to_cart incorrect redirect on failure.
  • #1047698 by neclimdul: uc_cart_remove_item() may report a different item to the one that is actually removed.
  • #898776 by cangeceiro: Apply taxes to altered product prices.
  • #818752 by John Franklin: SQL error in custom sales report with PostgreSQL.
  • #603356 by hanoii: Ensure taxes are calculated after other line items.
  • #941216: Credit card failure is not always due to card details.
  • #631120: Weight conversion silently fails in uc_google_checkout.
  • #924716 by TR: First-class rates don't have online pricing
  • #632420 by TR: Change flatrate module description, add per-product rate description
  • #834676 by GuyPaddock: Correct help text for how to revert product flatrate to default value.
  • #882560 by Island Usurper: Fix warning that order did not equal total when using PayPal WPS.
  • #834676: Fix descriptive text for weightquote on product node form.
  • #814004: Fix cart links with textfield attributes.
  • #757604 by Island Usurper: Cast SimpleXML data to strings to prevent serialze() errors.
  • #493334 by Island Usurper: Use Merchant Calculated shipping for Google Checkout.
  • #630058 by hanoii: Remove price formatting from CSV reports.
  • #1037380 by TR: Make message body an array before passing to drupal_mail().
  • #1080028 by Island Usurper: Implement hook_update_last_removed().
  • #610916 by Island Usurper: Fix default value for 'cache' in price handlers.
  • #1093202 by ojohansson: Use theme('item_list',...) and theme('pager',...) instead of calling theme_item_list(...) and theme_pager(...) directly.
  • #455888 by sean-gnu: Improve - remove blank lines from e-mail recipient array, use token replacements properly, add textfield descriptions.
  • #1093626 by balloon: Avoid starting sessions for web crawler page requests.
  • #1025740: Ajax state/province selector does not respect language.
  • #1013468 by TR: Make wildcards work on product search form found on create order page.
  • #1012520 by TR: Fix double-encoded HTML in USPS shipping quotes.
  • #948324: Remove price caching, as testing shows it causes a performance hit rather than gain.
  • #1079408 by arpieb: Cart pane shipping quote form has incorrect argument list.
  • #364307: Use combined permission check for /admin/store.
  • #1003444 by stockliasteroid: Product kits cannot be shipped when admin creates an order.
  • #919822 by dwightaspinwall: User roles get deleted when using uc_roles_user_submit() without "administer permissions" permission
  • #877500 by dougp, longwave: Tracking numbers do not display when more than one carrier is used for shipping.
  • #1103342 by fenstrat: Increase cart_id length check for anon/auth carts.
  • #1100220 by garethsprice: Remove drupal_urlencode() since the URL is already being urlencoded by the Form API.
  • #1079640: Change default container type to VARIABLE from RECTANGULAR.
  • #1030464 by neclimdul: Product kits lose information on unrevisioned save.
  • #811972 by hanoii: Attribute update function may corrupt data when SKU is shared between product combinations.
  • #684552: Use hasOwnProperty() in JavaScript for loop to avoid problems with Internet Explorer.
  • #654834: 'Default quantity to add to cart' should be respected when quantity field is hidden, unless default quantity is set to 0.
  • #1111396: Backport fix from D7 which prevents uc_usps_rate_request() being called for non-US destinations.
  • #1126532: USPS International won't accept ZIP+4 as OriginZip.
  • #755944 by abaddon, sarjeet.singh: Account details are not included in customer invoice email.
  • #881606 by danrasband, that0n3guy, dww: More fixes for IPN processing.
  • #1164118 by TR: Add dependency on uc_quote to uc_google_checkout.
  • #1146176 by maximpodorov: Ignore case when checking email addresses.
  • #1158212 by TR: Fix inline JavaScript which didn't properly escape t() strings, causing JavaScript failures when translated version of string contained an apostrophe (single-quote).
  • #1142952 by John Money: $account object modified before user_save() prevents detecting role changes.
  • #1156594 by arpieb: uc_credit_terminal_title() is not always included when needed.
  • #596740 by DeFr: Pass order to theme_uc_cart_complete_sale().
  • #1170088: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() when viewing shipping quote cart pane admin pages.
  • #914092 by cedarm: OID isnt assigned when the attribute option is created.
  • #596748 by Island Usurper: Payment pack has hard-coded US date format.
  • #1193170 by TR: user_load() called with wrong argument.
  • #885216: Remove admin breadcrumbs from product node form.
  • #1113644 by TR: Product titles longer than 128 are lost from order.
  • #580894: Roles action uc_roles_action_user_email() uses non-existent $order.
  • #590918 by splash112, longwave: Attribute option price display should not be affected by quantity.
  • #515010 by Lara D, fenstrat: Increase attribute weight range.
  • #740296 by hanoii, jrust, mrsinguyen, TR: Incorrect reports due to timezone calculation issues.
  • #1125470 by Agileware: Do not enforce width for product display price CSS.
  • #473572: Use node_save() instead of drupal_execute() when updating product kit components.
  • #1022392 by covenantd: Order comment not erased if customer removes it during checkout.
  • #1104142 by mjpa: Wrong date format for role expiration date.
  • #689464 by flamingvan: uc_authorizenet should include phone field.
  • #790028 by larowlan: Flat rate and weight quote modules call uc_price() incorrectly.
  • #997634: theme_uc_product_form_prices() does not respect weights.
  • #789422 by anrikun: Use actual shipping type string rather than trying to reconstruct the string from the key.
  • #625580 by ecofinn, dbassendine: Fix Google Analytics for aliased completion pages.
  • #982064 by Mixologic: Package length should be longest side.
  • #445206: Disallow duplicate purchase of file with unlimited downloads.