How to create custom forms in drupal 6.x

I want to create these forms

General Enquiry
Job Vacancy
Trainer Application
Course Enquiry

Please tell me the way only in detail



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You can use Webform module

for more advanced forms, you can create forms programatically
look at Form API start guide

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Without getting your hands dirty with codes, Install cck module. This module allows to create forms , also to add the fields you want. If you need your users to upload images in their submissions , download and install cck filefield and cck imagefield -> add imagefield to your content type
1. Create a content type eg. job Vacancy
2. Add the fields you want
Ive stripped some details but if you look around well you'll figure things out...

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This module lets you build forms of any kind in the Drupal web UI, using all basic form elements (text fields, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, select fields, multi-select fields) as well as many custom elements available in additional modules (search for "webform" in the modules search to see anything that works with Webforms). It stores the information in the Drupal database, and alternatively can email the form data to one or more emails and with some extra modules fire other actions on form submittal.

Webforms 3.x is the latest version branch of this module, so when looking at complementary modules, make sure they work with the 3.x branch (many out there only support up through the 2.x branch).

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