can we add a user registration pane?
like in here

the module also has a node create form - interesting, but less useful.


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I'm trying this, but don't know how to set it up. I'm using content profile with over 20 fields.
I have install following modules:
content profile - to get CKK, taxonomy content, advanced text, multicolumncheckboxesradios, select if other and nodereference fields later used in views relationships,arguments and context panels.
account profile - to integrate user account fields (username, email) with content profile CKK fields.
auto assign role - to auto assign role through registration process.
form block - to get 'registration form' block piece added to panel region with visibility rule (e.g. logged-in-user).

so far so good, but now I have to style/theme the form....
I'll try to make user-register-form template trough hook_theme() and reorganize the form though hook_form_alter() like described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3386885/overriding-the-user-registrat...

I think this is the hard way, but I can't find simplest conception to do that.

Please, all of you share your experience to get form closest to panels layout.

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