the goal is to save Drupal's file system /sites/default/files onto a mounted external server over a network connection. Can this be done? We have 2 servers, one for Drupal core files, the other for storing all files. So files should be accessible over www.drupalsite.tld/sites/default/files/ without any side-effects.

Please advise on the right course of action to store all Drupal files on a different server.

Budget is available, please contact with your quote/offer. Work can start immediately.


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A symbolic links pointing to the network drive should work.

1. Move the files directory to the network drive
2. Make a symbolic link pointing to the new directory

Alternative, in /etc/fstab mount the network drive to the directory sites/default/files, if this network drive is dedicated
only to store these Drupal files.



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does the above work i am also having same problem.