everyone probably already heard of Semantic Views and Semantic CCK, the former being the one that got partially merged into Views.

expanding on the concept of Semantic Views/CCK, how about add "Semantic Panels" to Panels?
on the overlay where we add Class and ID, or on settings, or on a new overlay (semantic?), options could be added to deal with the elements and classes/IDs being used for the Label and Field, and whether or not to show a label.
like say, we want to use a <span> instead of a <div> or a <h4>, with a class myclass

perhaps also an option to define what the label will be, with t() support.

this could be implemented mostly for CCK/Fields, but maybe also for other things, like Page Title, Node Teaser, Node Body, Breadcrumbs, etc...


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from Semantic Views:

Element: [====] Class attribute: [====]

Element: [====] Class attribute: [====]
Label element: [====] Label class attribute: [====]

Class and ID implementation currently works kinda like Views Class, right? it is included in the pane container.

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My thoughts on this was mostly that semantic panels would be a style, and the style lets you pick all the decorations around the content and their classes and their elements, replacing panel-pane.tpl.php completely. Regions don't even have a similar theme template.

The flexible layout system could probably also do something similar. It's a bit tricky though...once you get inside the actual content, it's going to be up to the content itself.

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There is a sandbox for that :)

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Version: 6.x-3.9 » 7.x-3.x-dev

@merlinofchaos: Would you be willing to include a fully working version of logaritmisk's module in Panels itself, if it were finished off, or are you adamant about keeping it separate? IMHO having it as part of the main module could greatly help the module clean up its default output.

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Yes I might be in favor of it; it might require some improvements to the style system (i.e, able to select style defaults which is something that cannot currently be done) in order to be really usable, but it's a valuable feature.